Helping young learners through their passions.

Throughout each season, Flaktest Gaming provides young people the opportunity to represent their school in competitive eSports. While participating, students learn about “responsible online gaming” and “competitive online gaming”, and develop a variety of soft skills critical for academic and personal success. You can find out more about how Flaktest Gaming empowers young people, familes, schools and the community in our upcoming articles that touch on the coursework we are introducing in Season One.

Flaktest Gaming localises the global eSports and gaming scene to leverage personal and academic outcomes for young people. This is done through Interschool eSports tournaments and community events.

Give all Australian students an opportunity to compete in Interschool eSports tournaments.

Support participating students, families and communities through local events and school programs.

Leverage the students passion towards eSports to drive their academic and behavioural outcomes.

The origins of Flaktest Gaming

Flaktest Gaming is the brainchild of Brett Sullivan, a passionate educator who has been working with adolescents for many years. An avid gamer himself, Brett was inspired by the possibilities offered by competitive eSports to give student gamers access to something beyond simple entertainment

Collaboration, teamwork and resilience are all crucial skills in our increasingly interconnected, but often socially isolating world. Brett and the Flaktest Gaming team got together to figure out a way to take a popular past-time that was traditionally seen as isolating, and turn it into something fun that promotes a sense of community, achievement, leadership and good spirited competition. He established Flaktest Gaming as a means by which to take gaming as an existing area of interest for youth and leverage it towards personal achievement, academic outcomes, responsible online gaming and active citizenship.

Flaktest Gaming is a 100% owned and operated organisation. This means every Flaktest Gaming event has been conceived, orchestrated, and run exclusively by Flaktest Gaming and our volunteers.

The league is made up of a diverse group of youth, from all educational institutions and local communities. In 2017, Flaktest Gaming will be introduced nationally, and registrations commence at the beginning of Term 1 2017.

Defining the future of eSports

As the first interschool eSports company in Australia, we are here to define the future of eSports and youth engagement. We are a bunch of creative, and forward-thinking gamers and educators, with a dream to create a community that enriches and supports the lives of young people around the world.

Since launching in 2016, Flaktest Gaming has focused on channeling the latest technology to provide unrivalled access to eSports for more than 500 students across Western Australia, from public, private and independent schools.
Attracting more than 7,000 views and 8,000 likes on our social media, Flaktest Gaming sets the bar in Australian youth eSports by offering an unparalleled experience and unmatched service.

We’ve launched two Interschool eSports tournaments in 2016, with over 100 matches played and over 80 hours of hosted gameplay. In under six months we have grown from a couple of educators who loved eSports, to creating an
official community of 500 students and growing.

Our in-house technology team in Perth is composed of some of the best talent from around the country. We are continually investing in technology, talent and innovation to push the boundaries of youth eSports. When you are a part of Flaktest Gaming, whether it be playing on the online battlefield or hanging out on our online community forums, you are navigating cutting-edge tech built by us with a passion for gaming and great design.

At Flaktest Gaming we are not afraid to supersede the status quo and innovate. Ask our team, we believe that the best cultures are fun, infectious, electric, ambitious and tenacious. And the outcome of all that – a daily mission to make a dream of youth eSports a reality for young people around the world

Flaktest Gaming - LAN setup

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