Flaktest news
  • Season One 2017 Playoffs brings a whole new look to Flaktest Gaming
  • CSGO Playoffs kick off Sunday 30/7
  • New Term 4 tournaments are up and ready for sign ups
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Helping young gamers since 2015

Flaktest Gaming provides the platform for gamers to play eSports at a localised level. Whether it be for a school team, representing a state team, or playing a national tournament, Flaktest Gaming believes in celebrating the dedication, discipline and participation of all who play eSports world wide.


Give all young Australians an opportunity to compete in local, state and national eSport tournaments.


Support the community, families, schools and communities through local events and certificate programs.


Discover pathways that align to your passions in eSports, and find where you belong in an exciting and booming industry.


Leverage the passions of young people towards eSports to drive their academic and personal goals.

The origins of Flaktest Gaming

Flaktest Gaming is the brainchild of Brett Sullivan, a passionate educator who has been working with adolescents for many years. An avid gamer himself, Brett was inspired by the possibilities offered by competitive eSports to give student gamers access to something beyond simple entertainment.

Collaboration, teamwork and resilience are all crucial skills in our increasingly interconnected, but often socially isolating world. Brett and the Flaktest Gaming team got together to figure out a way to take a popular past-time that was traditionally seen as isolating, and turn it into something fun that promotes a sense of community, achievement, leadership and good spirited competition. He established Flaktest Gaming as a means by which to take gaming as an existing area of interest for youth and leverage it towards personal achievement, academic outcomes, responsible online gaming and active citizenship.