Student engagement is the number one issue facing schools and communities.

Why we are here:

  • 91% of young learners around the world are gamers
  • 63% of young learners are disengaged
  • Students average 135 minutes a day playing games

 Flaktest are solving the problem of engagement for youth in schools.

What we do

Our platform provides a safe environment for students to play their favourite games in, fosters collaboration and creativity, and has proven results in facilitating learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy and improvements in attendance and behaviour management systems.

Youth Esports Clubs

Flaktest helps schools and local communities create safe esports club, providing a framework for managing esports teams and participating in esports and education programs.


Students are given the opportunity to participate in organised esports competitions and represent their school in esports. Competitions are open to players of every skill level and gender.

Education programs

Teachers spend all of their day understanding how their students learn. At Flaktest, we provide teachers with the tools to help deliver personalised learning journeys to young gamers.

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“Preparing the next generation, families, schools and communities through the collaborative power of youth esports, education and community”

Flaktest is a platform that helps schools, families and communities connect with young gamers. With 91% of young people becoming increasingly active in gaming, Flaktest supports parents and teachers in helping children and young people understand responsible online gaming. At Flaktest we prepare students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing online environment. We ensure that the students in our community develop both the skills rigorous education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative world. We also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables students to better understand the online world and improve conditions for local and global online communities.


We are and will continue to be an educational platform that is an intellectual and creative centre for effective engagement in young people. In a world that demands more communication, better systems and an increasingly competitive job market, our platform aligns with shifts in the global emerging industry of esports. These trends build upon our core mission and our values:

  • Creativity, innovation and motivation to challenge the status quo and seek new solutions to complex problems.
  • Social engagement and emotional intelligence are important throughout a students’ academic experience and helps them become critically engaged citizens, contributing to the good of society.
  • Flaktest and it’s community adhere to the moral and ethical principles of our society, using each individuals gifts and talents in a responsible and honorable manner.
  • Young people discover how video games can help them reach their own personal goals.
  • Purposeful play – Young gamers see the benefit in spending in-game time for effective practice, socialisation and performance.
  • Club leadership – Youth Esports Clubs provide opportunities for young people to gain invaluable leadership experience.
  • Community Services – Young people learn the importance of community service, volunteering for their club and mentoring younger gamers.