Our mission

“Preparing the next generation, families, schools and communities through the collaborative power of youth esports, education and community”

Young people discover how video games can help them reach their own personal goals.

Purposeful Play

Young gamers see the benefit in spending in-game time for effective practice, socialisation and performance.

Club leadership

Youth Esports Clubs provide opportunities for young people to gain invaluable leadership experience.

Community Service

Young people learn the importance of community service, volunteering for their club and mentoring younger gamers.

An empowering transformation

Flaktest localises the global esports phenomenon, breaking the cycles of gaming related issues through sustainable, personal and academic outcomes.

Educators and families face the challenges of 21st century technology.  From screen time, to online supervision and explicit content, these issues are just some of many that are experienced daily in the classroom and at home.

Now, children and young gamers are empowered to represent their club through purposeful play, healthy habits and the structure and support that Flaktest Youth Esports Clubs provide.

This is the bases for a brighter future for the next generation, built with a helping hand from all involved.

Over 750 young gamers helped in 2018
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Young gamers supported since 2016
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Over 1000 Youth Esports matches so far
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Youth Esports Clubs across Australia
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“Communities are often defined by the quality of relationships that exist between it’s members. At Flaktest, we value these essential partnerships in the experience of each and every student, family, school and community member. We believe in establishing solid foundations while igniting the fires for future growth, and for every member of our community to develop the confidence needed to succeed in our fast changing world.”

Brett Sullivan, Co-Founder & CEO

The pillars of Youth Esports

Youth Esports Clubs

Youth Esports Clubs provide the standardised framework for a supportive, safe and fun environment.

Community engagement

Being active in a club and local community builds purpose and belonging and reinforces the importance of service.

Training and development

Building legitimate pathways for young people sets S.M.A.R.T goals they can aim toward while aligning to the Australian Curriculum.

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