Aggressive Plays in CSGO: by Coffee

CSGO is a game focused on strategy, movement, economy and skill. You are in a team of five people, playing against another five where strategy and an understanding of the economy are vital to being successful each round. You are either in the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist teams, each with their respective goals. There are many play-styles in CSGO, and I will be talking about aggression here, both for T’s and CT’s.

Aggression in CSGO is essentially positioning yourself in a spot where you aren’t generally expected to be, and can often give you an advantage. The key to aggression is unpredictability. In the top level of CSGO, it’s generally accepted that set positions exists, and many teams expect this to be the case, and therefore, aggression can really pay off. A major example in the pro scene where calculated aggression can really payoff is Stewie2k. He is also known for pushing through smokes, and being known as the smoke criminal. But he does so in a way that gains his team an advantage. Situations like these are examples where aggression can pay off.

On the other hand, aggression in CSGO can end up being a detriment to you and your team. GuardiaN (the captain of FaZe, the team who won IEM Sydney) mentioned after the Grand Final that Astralis’ uncalculated risks and aggression is what gave FaZe the edge in the end: “Astralis made a lot of mistakes on Overpass, pushing and dying unnecessarily”. In a game where you only have a 5-man arsenal per round, the difference an easy kill for the opposing team makes on the outcome of that round is significant. He also mentions that by the 10th round on that map, two Astralis players had over 15 kills, with the rest being far behind, and that this meant Astralis were playing way too aggressive, and getting killed for no reason. These kinds of aggressive plays more often result in zero, rather than hero, so that’s most definitely something for them to further consider.

As Flaktest competitors, I feel we should all take these factors on board. Sure, calculated aggression can give you an advantage over the opponent, but mix it up. I see players all too often pushing unnecessarily through a smoke and being punished for it, when that exact smoke is great cover for the 20 seconds it’s active. Also, aggression is a great way to weigh up the situation of the game and opponents. If you notice significant aggression in the first quarter of the game, enact your counter strategies: fight fire with fire. As CT’s, you have the advantage of holding a site. Use it.


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