Australia Has a Gaming Reality TV Show?!

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Pete Curulli
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How the hell did we not know about this until now?!

The show is called “The Next Gamer” and for the last few months has been putting gamers through their paces with the goal of finding one winner who will then win a place on an established Australian eSports team – in this case LG Direwolves.

On twitch and YouTube the gamers have been participating in a series of challenges both in-game and out for a six month pro League of Legends contract, and now we have a top 10 consisting of 9 guys and 1 girl:

Beau ‘Beaunivia’ Casey-Lombardi
Fraser ‘FrÄ’ Donald
Matthew ‘Slammu’ McInerney
Jarod ‘Get Back71’ Tucker
Siobhan ‘Slae’ Franks
Alexander ‘Dian’ Civil
Eldin ‘Guts’ Skenderovic
Joel ‘JMR’ Reynolds
Eddie ‘Huey Dewey Louie’ Jiang
Liam ‘Bambi on Ice’ Jowitt

From a League of Legends perspective this top 10 features two finalists for each of the five position on a LoL team. The next step is to whittle this down to 5.

It’s a huge prize for whoever wins, let’s keep in mind that as we speak the second round of playoffs for the OPL (Oceanic Pro League) is about to kick off starring Sin Gaming and Chiefs eSports, the winner of which meets Legacy eSports (the team the Adelaide Crows bought), and the winner of that match goes on to meet LG Dire Wolves in the final on Tuesday.

You can check out the top 10 at




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