Marc SACCaptains Corner with Marc! From St Andrews College

Our Captains Corner is a place for Flaktest Gaming and team leaders to get together and chat about their stories within eSports. Our first Captain to take the spotlight is Marc! the captain of St Andrews College.

First off, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into eSports?

My name is Marc Moyo and I’m a year 12 student attending St Andrews College. I’ve been playing League Of Legends for around 4 years, it’s been my favourite game since then. I got into eSports in 2015 when I watched the Worlds Champions, where SKT T1 won. Seeing them play inspired me to compete in tournaments with my mates.

How did you become captain of your school team? Did you approach your group? Nominate? How did I become the captain of my school team? 

LOL My team nominated me as captain because I created the school team. I’m also the most responsible person in the team.

How do you feel about being the first captain for your school in interschool eSports?

I feel pretty honoured being the first captain of my interschool eSports team. At the same time I feel pretty nervous. A lot of people are watching our team and cheering us on. I don’t want to disappoint the people that are supporting us. So being the captain comes with a lot of responsibility as you’re representing your school.

Describe what types of tasks you usually work on as captain for the St Andrews College team?

As captain I organise practice timetables, scrims, forms, rosters and strategies. I also research other teams that are competing in the tournament

Have you ever had moments where you need to come in as captain and make a decision? 

There’s been many moments where I’ve had to make difficult decisions outside of game. Especially since many of my teammates have other commitments and its HSC year. My team and I have had to make some sacrifices to compete in the tournament. I’ve had to assign a sub for our mid laner as he wasn’t going to make it back by the original start of the tournament (Around 17th April). Due to the date being moved, we didn’t need our sub anymore. But I felt that he was still apart of the team. So I’ve had to spilt some game time between our team, so he can also experience the tournament.

How do you feel about your position as a team in the Season so far? Any other teams to watch out for? 

I feel that we’ve had a good start, especially the game with Tranby College. I felt that we were the underdogs as I saw a lot of people rooting for Tranby College. But the teamwork we displayed gave me a lot of confidence that we will make it far into the tournament. Other teams that worry me, would be Shenton College.

As a captain, can you provide any tips or advice for a young person looking to be a captain of an eSports team? 

I’d say, don’t leave it till last minute like my team and I did hahaha. Don’t be hesitant to ask as it’s a really good experience. Especially if you’re in year 12, just take any opportunity that is given to you. As year 12 goes super fast.



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