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Classroom management for 21st century learners

When a classroom runs smoothly, everyone wins. Students are more productive and understand their expectations. Expectations for participating in Flaktest events and activities ensure students actively participate in their instruction and receive the best education possible.

Improve outcomes for your entire school

Flaktest takes the often-isolating environment of gaming at home to a collaborative journey where students, teachers and parents actively participate in behaviour management. Our programs introduce a risk and reward system that encourages teamwork and creates a safe, engaging and fun learning environment.

Provide meaningful feedback and rewards in real time to build positive habits and accountability

Apply tangible consequences that support responsible decision making and discourage negative actions

Inspire students to go above and beyond by recognising gifts and talents and exemplary behaviour

Offer customisable privileges, like a sausage sizzle, that students unlock as they progress

A safe and supportive club and classroom advocates collaborating learning and gives young learners the structure to manage themselves and hold each other accountable.

Collaborative Learning

In Flaktest, students must work together, and the decisions they make have a direct impact on their teammates and club. Having REAL risks and rewards encourages students to support one another both socially and academically.

Empowering young people

Positive club cultures lead to powerful learning experience that teach young people how to better support, encourage and relate to one another.

Runners up in the National Youth Esports Championship - Greenwood College Esports Club

Help Students Feel Empowered at School

Create an environment built on student achievement where the whole class feels energized. Watch school become a collective experience!

As students start self-regulating their behaviour and look out for one another, your classroom operates with more ease and efficiency.

When students are struggling, club teammates come support them, creating an environment that fosters the social and emotional learning (SEL). Over the course of their participation in the club, young people become more mindful of their school as a community and value the needs of others.

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