Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or a player with over 1000 hours, esports can be an overwhelming place. Youth Esports Clubs help you by providing the support and infrastructure to explore esports in a fun and safe environment.

The first guide “Introduction to Youth Esports Club” is now available to teachers, parents and young gamers.

What is a Youth Esports Club?

A sports club is a great indicator of community strength and health, and Youth Esports Clubs offer opportunities to address the evolving interests and needs of young people. Club roles and activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Youth Esports tournaments
  • Excursions and incursions
  • Club community events
  • Club leadership
  • STEM Learning journeys

Why create a Youth Esports Club?

Over one million young Australians play video games online, often with strangers. Through these unsafe channels, children and young people have to deal with sometimes challenging issues. These might include:

  • Cyberbulling
  • Online grooming
  • Screen time
  • Encouragement to interact with explicit content, along with various others.

But there are positive things you can do as a Teacher and Parent, supporting children and young people with resolving any issues they may face. Flaktest has created the Youth Esports Club system as a major step towards protecting our most vulnerable and empowering schools and families with the tools to tackle the ever-changing landscape of the internet and online gaming.

Club roles

How does a Youth Esports Club work?

As educators, we understand that each school is dynamic and different. We appreciate the challenges that teachers and students may face in starting a Youth Esports Club at school. To assist, we have put together a short guide to inform you on how a Youth Esports Club may work at your school.

How do members play and interact in a Youth Esports Club?


Local Youth Esports Club are physical locations where young people come play and interact with members and other clubs. These are often within school labs, classrooms, tech hubs and LAN Centres. A local Youth Esports Club is best fit for schools who have available:

  • High-Tech Computer Technology
  • A fast internet connection
  • Game Licenses
  • Open ports

While all five components are important for a Local Youth Esports Club, each element presents a variety of options. To discuss these options further contact Flaktest here.


Online Youth Esports Clubs are a popular alternative for new and existing clubs in Australia, as they provide a safe, effective and affordable solution for schools and community centres. Using this method, a club can participate in all Youth Esports activities and Flaktest STEM programs online, while continuing to meet locally a/physically at club meetings, events etc.

How is a Youth Esports Club managed?

Teacher Representatives play a critical role in the authorisation of the club and its members.

At Flaktest, we provide young people with the opportunity to experience leadership roles in their club. Each role has responsibilities that manage teams, players and club operations. Club roles include, but are not limited too:

  • Student Club President & Council
  • Team Managers & Coaches
  • Student Club Media & Communications

Each young person elected/selected to the role receives a Flaktest Leadership Certificate with their experience. The certificate is a perfect addition to their resume as they seek employment during or after schooling.

Information on Parent roles will be available at the start of Term 1.

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