Coffee’s 2018 May CSGO Summary

Coffee’s CSGO May Team Summary
Hello again all, Coffee back with another CSGO wrap! This week I will be writing about the HLTV.org CSGO team rankings and my opinions on the successes of some of the teams. I am really impressed to see some of the Australian teams within the top 30 teams globally, with the likes of Renegades and Grayhound. All these results are taken from the HLTV.org website.


First Place
The top spot is no surprise to anyone that’s at all interested in the professional CSGO scene, and that is Astralis. Astralis has had some very incredible results lately, they won ECS Season 5 just yesterday and placing 2nd at IEM Sydney, beaten out by an amazing FaZe roster. Ever since they acquired Magisk from North, their performances at any events they have attended have been very respectable, rarely placing outside of the top 4. I personally believe their roster is complete both in terms of ability and chemistry. Magisk was the player they needed to truly be the powerhouse team they are right now. There are obviously aspects of the game I think they can improve on many things, such as playing more as a team, as the rounds they lose are commonly due to relying heavily on individual skill.

Second to Fourth Place
In 2nd place to 4th place is: FaZe, NaVi and mousesports. Similar to Astralis, these teams have had distinct successes over the past few months. FaZe has been great for around a year now, but the real surprises here are NaVi and mousesports. Both these teams haven’t really ‘showed up’ recently, but it’s awesome to see them both getting back into form, and it’s a great environment for young talent, such as s1mple from NaVi and ropz from mousesports. I can safely say that if both these teams continue on the path they are going, I expect them to both stay in at least the top 8 teams in the world. Personally, I feel these teams have mundane setups and that is definitely their downfall. As a Flaktest Gaming participant, I see that left-field setups that aren’t expected by the opposition, such as a simple slow execute on B, rather than the classic ‘Rush B’.

Australian Team Performances
As for the Australian CSGO teams, we have two within the top thirty: the Renegades and Grayhound. Of the two, Renegades is doing quite a bit better, currently sitting at twelth place. In my opinion, these recent triumph slinghotting them into 12th are due to the acquisition of North American player Nifty. Nifty’s playstyle is unique, he often pushes angle with the AWP (a sniper rifle generally used at long distances), which makes him extremely unpredictable. This lends itself to further the success of Renegades, as they now have a solid backbone they can work off of to beat even the best of teams, such as those mentioned previously. Grayhound are essentially an up and coming Renegades. They currently place 26th out of thirty. They have a solid backbone which can be utilised when facing tougher teams. For me, Gratisfaction is one of the best AWP prodigies in the Australian team, and I firmly believe he is destined to be picked up by a larger team in the next year or two. Australian teams can not only benefit from being creative in their setups, but also with more exposure to the professional scene. This is likely to occur over the next few years, with more Australian teams gaining exposure.

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