Coffee’s CSGO Meta Analysis
Hello all and welcome back to another CSGO article, where I will be analysing the current CSGO meta. I will also give my thoughts and opinions on the current state of the meta. CSGO can be an extremely varied game when it comes to the meta. Each update introduced to the game that changes a weapons statistic has to potential to alter the current meta. Meta can be defined as “Referring to the conventions of its genre”.

AK47 in CSGO

Current Meta – CZ75 Auto (Pistol)
The most recent CSGO update introduced a change to the CZ. This means that the CZ can no longer one shot an enemy with helmet. Ultimately, I still think the meta after losing the first round will be to force CZ’s. This is so effective as pistols generally have higher base damage than SMG’s, as well as having similar fire rate. In all honesty, I think Valve’s endeavors to change the CZ are great, but the CZ is still a ‘crutch’ weapon in my mind. The whole point of pistols is that they have a high skill ceiling that is increased with better aim, and that’s where the CZ becomes a crutch. Due to its automatic fire, it fast becomes more spray and pray than ‘train your aim’.

Current Meta – AK47 (Rifle)
For the longest time, the AK47 has been the backbone of the Terrorist team. It has amazing lethality, with one hit headshot kill potential, and relatively high armour penetration. The major downfall of the AK47 is the low accuracy it has after the first 3 shots. This is what makes the AK47 one of those items that can be easy to use, but tough to master, but when you witness an AK47 spray hit the same region, it’s something to admire. I think the AK47 is very balanced at this point in time, and I love that it is meta within CSGO. It’s a great weapon for new players to pick up and learn to use, and for a professional to rely on it to get the job done.

Current Meta – M4A4 / M4A1 – S
The M4A4 / M4A1-S can be simply described as more expensive, less damaging AK47’s. They both don’t have the capability to kill in one shot to the head, and both cost $400 dollars more. Contrary to the AK47 however, they are both much more accurate and have easier recoil patterns to control. In my opinion, both of the options presented to the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists are viable in each situation, but the meta does show that many professionals pick up an AK in place of and M4 where possible. Personally, I prefer the M4A4, as I just feel more comfortable with it. Ultimately, whichever of the two you chose, they are relatively close together in terms of the use on the professional scene.

Final Summary
The current meta within CSGO is in a relatively good place in my mind. Both sides have access to similar weapons with near exact statistics. The CZ is in a lot of development hell right now, with weapon statistics about as certain as getting snow in Perth. The current meta is in a state that’s great for a new player to learn the game the easiest. It’s also in the best state as a spectator sport. This is why I love CSGO.


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