Play competitively in Flaktest Youth Esports tournaments

Test your mettle in competitive esports. Youth Esports provides you with a platform to explore your interests in esports in a safe and exciting environment. Build your profile and kick start your journey into professional esports through the various titles and tournaments offered. Play popular esports titles in our Term-Based tournaments, including:

  • Rocket League
  • Overwatch
  • DOTA 2
  • Fortnite
  • Hearthstone
  • CS:GO
  • Rainbow Six Siege

What does Youth Esports look like?

Youth Esports tournaments are currently held during Term 2 and Term 3. Each tournament is 10 weeks long, with “Match Days” taking place each Saturday between the times of 10AM AWST and 2PM AWST. On occasion, matches are held during weekdays after school hours.

Where is Youth Esports played?

Youth Esports matches are held online up until the Grand Finals. Grand Final matches are typically live, large-scale events present unique opportunities for Youth Esports Clubs and players to perform in front of large audiences.

While most esports matches are held online, Flaktest works with local businesses and schools in developing physical safe spaces to play and compete at high performance arenas.

Tournament format

Youth Esports tournaments typically follow a league format, in which each team will verse every other team at least once in the league.

Match fixtures

Flaktest will send Match Fixtures to Youth Esports Clubs and their respective leaders 4 weeks prior to the first match, giving ample time for teams to organise themselves for the competition.

Captains roles and Match Days

During the Match Days, Captains organise matches with their opposing teams and play there respective games. Captains roles are critical in the organisation and scoring of each match. Captains are to be active on the Flaktest Discord Channel during each Match Day and if any further organisation needs to take place. A typical Youth Esports match will take between 40 and 75 minutes to complete.


Become a true champion

Learning how to compete

Participating in esports teaches young people how to compete in the real world. As they graduate and enter the workforce, they will face competition from many aspects of their lives. Though these competitions do not need to be negative nor unhealthy. Playing competitive esports can help young people understand how online competition works in a safe and supportive environment, and that if you try your hardest, you have a greater chance of success.


Improving Self Esteem

Improved self-esteem is an incredible benefit of competitive Youth Esports. When a young person wins a game with his team, he/she feels accomplished and recognised. Even when a young person has a defeat, they can learn a valuable lesson: that you can’t win every time. Losing with a team and club can also increase self-esteem, as each player learns to life their head high and feel proud they are trying their best.

Flaktest Education - School team

Finding Purpose and Belonging

Build a positive pathway through Youth Esports and use competitive esports as an outlet for expression, friendship and controlled aggression. When young people have positive influences and strong team mates and friends, they feel less of a need to participate in risky behaviours.

Keep track of your journey

Stats matter. From Basketball to Swimming, you pick your sport, there are statistics that impact the core of the game. Understanding the stats is critically important to your progression and your teams success. If you want to have a successful Rocket League team, you want to have to have a high assist percentage, get to the enemy teams third, get offensive rebounds and not turn the ball over. Ignoring statistics is not an option.

Who ever thought maths would play a role in esports? You did.

Engage with the data

Gain more insight through the Flaktest match breakdown. Gather your data and create data-driven models that gain the results you and your team are striving for.

Flaktest is excited to deliver a broad data solution for you and your team in 2019. Your statistics will be automatically calculated from your performance in past events from any combination of series, seasons and major events. Get an overview of your Youth Esports career by displaying total statistics in 2019.

Win great prizes for you and your club!

Youth Esports Club Prizes

Become a champion team and win cash prizes to empower your Youth Esports Club.

Player Prizes

Become a champion team and take home epic gaming gear, including keyboards, gaming mice and gamer swag!

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