Paris 2024 – esports at the Olympics: by Radact

Some interesting news has recently popped up about further talks of esports entering the realm of the Olympics. The International esports Federation (IeSF) are in discussions with Paris 2024. These discussions are in the early stages at the moment, and it may also seem like 2024 is forever away, but a major, international event like the Olympics needs a long time to organise, so it’s only a few sleeps away in those terms.

The discussions are currently aimed at a cultural or demonstrational event, which would be a huge step in really getting esports noticed worldwide, and especially from a few places that haven’t fully embraced it. The discussions resulting from the IeSF with Paris City are aimed at promoting momentum and if possible support for esports to be included at Paris 2024. After the PyeongChang Games the Olympic Channel is interested in engaging with younger audiences through esports. “As a youthful digital platform we cannot ignore the phenomenon of esports,” Yiannis Exarchos, Olympic Channel boss, said.

The International Olympic Committee also have to be in support for this too of course. But we have our hopes up that some positive traction can be gained by everyone involved, and are absolutely excited by the prospect of esports at the Olympics, especially within 2 Olympics time! With the IOC and Paris 2024 having previously shown support for the inclusion of esports, we are definitely feeling good about what lies ahead for esports and gaming in general.

In time we could see esports on display and soon after see it host medal events. We will keep you posted as more news develops on this front. Esports is destined for the world stage and the Olympics is the apotheosis of world competitive stages, so we are excited to see the prospect begin in talks already – it was held, albeit quietly at the Winter Olympics in Katowice, so we’re no doubt already on the way!

It begs the question though – if esports were to go ahead at the Olympics, in any capacity, what game should be played?

My thoughts are the IOC would be interested in a game that’s easy for a broad audience to get, and obviously low on violence or violent themes, this isn’t so much for the sake of the audiences watching, but my thoughts are more for negating the large amount of negativity from traditional sports supporters that I feel the inclusion of esports at the Olympics is likely to generate.

Maybe FIFA or Rocket League is the safe bet?

It remains to be seen, but with so much promise, and an extraordinary amount of audience ready to be tapped, it’s only inevitable that esports appears at the Olympics.


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