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  • Flaktest Gaming places a high value on coaching and mentorship. The school eSports League is a means by which to foster positive social engagement, collaboration and connectedness.
  • We do this through team based, peer to peer, alumni-supported and teacher driven conversations.
  • For many students, success or failure in these games is a high stakes proposition. Due to the public nature of the game, it is important for students who don’t win their tournament to have strategies to move on from this disappointment. In the face of a win or a loss, students need opportunities to reflect and set goals.

Below are two samples of our team-based scripts, which teachers and students have developed in collaboration. The first is simplified, the second for more in depth conversations, specific to League of Legends.

Pre-game coaching conversation. (Simplified)

  • How have the pre-season changes affected your team?
  • How well do we work together?
  • How well do we communicate?
    • Depending on the group you are working with, students can use a number from 1 to 5 to rate themselves on these two questions, or a list of adjectives can be provided
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses as a team?
  • What could we improve on?
  • What are our SMART goals? (To make your goal S.M.A.R.T., it needs to conform to the following criteria: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.)
  • What is our strategy for the upcoming game?
  • Which champions should we ban? (You may have to research the meta and look at what your team struggles to play against?)
  • How do we support each other’s game play?
  • What do we do when things go wrong?

Pre-game coaching conversation for League of Legends. (In Depth)

  • What are our strengths and weaknesses as a team?
    • What were our strongest and weakest lanes?
    • How can we better support the people on our team who are behind?
    • How can we improve our objective control and communication?
    • What are some ways we can improve on the consistency of our team?
  • How well do we work together? How well do we communicate?
    • What are some of the ways that we could work together better?
    • Are there some people on the team who need to communicate more or indeed, less?
    • What could we improve on?
    • How can we improve our champion builds and item choices?
    • How well did we pick and ban before the game? How could we do these things better?
    • How is our vision control?
  • What is our strategy for the upcoming game?
    • What champions should we play next time? Who should we avoid?
    • Were there any glaring problems with our champion selections and item builds in our previous games?
    • What goals can we set for the next game?
    • What possible team compositions can we use to capitalise on our own/our opponent’s weaknesses and strengths?
  • How do we support each other’s game play?
    • Is our jungler farming and ganking efficiently? What is the best way to get the most out of our jungler?
    • Is there some way we can support each other more verbally?
    • How can we identify solutions to specific problems when they’re presented in-game?
  • What do we do when things go wrong?
    • How can we efficiently minimise losses and get our game back on track?
    • What strategies and plans can we put in place if the game starts to go bad?
    • How can we ensure that our teammate’s attitudes are always positive?


This package is designed to get you thinking about how you would like to manage the pastoral care component of running an eSport League at your school. Every school is different, which is why this Pastoral Care Guide has been developed with flexibility in mind. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or ideas. For more information or to get in touch, contact Brett on 0430 329 029 or visit


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