History was made on Saturday at Hale school in front of a huge crowd of screaming eSports fans and online to the rest of Australia at twitch.tv/flaktest!

The Flaktest Gaming Australian League of Legends National Championship took place as the main event during a day full of celebration for eSports including great displays from PLE Computers, Corsair gaming, and streamline servers!

From 1pm Australian eSports fans were treated to exhibition matches featuring some of the best players of the tournament and a number of guests from the professional eSports scene.

In between there were copious amounts of prizes and give aways including Battlebull gaming chairs and Corsair peripherals – not to mention everyone in the crowd leaving with a League of Legends loot bag!

The real treat of the day though was reserved for two talented teams who, over the past eight months, had fought their way through the rift top claim a spot on the Championship match.

Roxburgh College
Fairvale Highschool

It was a best of 3 series that promised heaps of action given the last time these two teams played. It didn’t go all the way with Fairvale only needing two straight matches to secure the win and the championship – but that’s not to say it wasn’t hard fought! The biggest play of the day came in the dying moments of the second game when Roxburgh’s team captain Gness had to leave his seat for a moment.¬†There was mass confusion in the crowd followed by a huge cheer as the captain resumed his place on the team and used that moment of regaining calm to spur a huge minor victory.

As Fairvale descended upon the top lane and pushed past the second turret, they began to lay siege to the inhibitor turret, but Roxburgh were ready and engaged a team fight that saw them take down three members of Fairvale and claim what was arguably the play of the afternoon. It was an incredible moment to witness and the crowd responded with a roar, leaving Roxburgh with an awesome memory to take home as well as their second place prizes.

In the end though it was all Fairvale as they celebrated by lifting the Flaktest Gaming perpetual shield for 2017!

Congratulations Fairvale Highschool on becoming Champions, and thank you to every one who attended and contributed to an incredible day full of celebration for esports and gaming! We’ll see you for something even bigger in 2018!



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