Flaktest Gaming Summoners Survey – St Andrews College!

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Pete Curulli

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Pete Curulli
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Throughout the season we’re getting to know the teams participating in our League of Legends tournament.
This week’s answers come from New South Wales’ St Andrews College, currently leading their group!
1. How long have you been playing LoL?
2. Current summoner rank?
3. Champion main and secondary champion main?
4. Favourite place to play on the map?
5. How long has your team been playing together?
6. Do any of you play for a pro team in any big domestic or international tournaments?
Marc.M (Seoulfui)- Team Captain
1. 5 Years
2. Platinum 5
3. Thresh & all support champs
4. Support
5. Played together for years, only played as a team for 3 weeks
6. Nope
Brian.E (BrianJ)
1. 7 years
2. Platinum 2
3. Lee Sin & Riven
4. Jungle
5. Playing as a team 3 weeks ago and playing together for years
6. Nope

Lewis.C (Seoulful)
1. 6 years
2. Diamond 1 (Top 50 OCE Challenger before decay)
3. No mains
4. Mid
5. Playing as a team for around 3 weeks
6. Scouted for professional esports teamJeremy.N (Jaye)
1. 4 years
2. Diamond 5
3. Syndra and Orianna
4. Top/Mid
5. Played as a team since Flaktest was introduced
6. No

McAnthony (PentaLift1)
1. 4 years
2.Platinum 4
3. Ezreal & Lucian
4. ADC
5. Playing as a team 3 weeks ago
6. No

Jordan.P (Seepee3)
1. Around 4 years
2. Gold 2
3. Lee Sin & Vayne
4. Any lane
5. Playing as a team 3 weeks ago
6. No


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