Thursday, October 18, 2018
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The story of Flaktest Gaming

Welcome from the CEO

Communities are often defined by the quality of relationships that exist between it’s members. At Flaktest Gaming, we value these essential partnerships in the experience of each and every student, family, school and community. We believe in establishing sound foundations while igniting the fires for future growth, and for every member of our community to develop the confidence needed to succeed in our fast changing world.

As a teacher, I’m passionate about education, and preparing the next generation for the jobs of the future. Teaching young people is awesome, and to be given the opportunity to see a child’s understanding of the world grow, and mature, is what I believe every teacher aims for. In Flaktest Gaming, we hold that solemn responsibility to inspire young learners to reach new heights in their passions. In particular, in the world of digital learning and competitive online gaming.

Our community builds positive relationships with students, teachers and learning staff, families and communities to ensure a secure and enriching experience that is based on support, openness and trust. Our system of pastoral care underpins everything we do at Flaktest Gaming.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend our Flaktest Gaming Community to you as a thriving and dynamic environment, and a place of outstanding opportunities. While websites are useful for the dissemination of information, they do not fully enable the unique essence of our community and systems to be understood and appreciated and so, while I encourage you to peruse our site, I invite you to contact us at Flaktest Gaming, and we will be happy to show how our community can help in the personal growth of young people.

Brett Sullivan BMM, DipEd, Gamer

CEO Flaktest Gaming

Our Mission


    • Provide young people an opportunity to participate, learn and compete in esports in a safe and supportive environment.
    • Support participants, families, schools and communities through youth esport competitions, local events and development programs.
    • Leverage the passions of young people towards their personal and academic goals.


Our Values


Our community strives for excellence in all we do.


Our community encourages active support and advocacy for all people.


Our community promotes creativity in thought and innovation.


Our community takes responsibility for our own actions and has the courage and conviction to guide others.


Our community acts with courage, conviction, and with the highest moral standards.


Our members contribute enthusiastically, responsibly, and with pastoral concern to all in our community; engendering respect and trust within all people.


Our community appreciates and values the cultural and individual differences in the people of the World, and treat all with dignity.

Our History

Flaktest Gaming is the brainchild of Brett Sullivan, a passionate educator who has been working with adolescents for many years. An avid gamer himself, Brett was inspired by the possibilities offered by competitive eSports to give student gamers access to something beyond simple entertainment

Collaboration, teamwork and resilience are all crucial skills in our increasingly interconnected, but often socially isolating world. Brett and the Flaktest Gaming team got together to figure out a way to take a popular past-time that was traditionally seen as isolating, and turn it into something fun that promotes a sense of community, achievement, leadership and good spirited competition. He established Flaktest Gaming as a means by which to take gaming as an existing area of interest for youth and leverage it towards personal achievement, academic outcomes, responsible online gaming and active citizenship.

Flaktest Gaming is a 100% owned and operated organisation. This means every Flaktest Gaming event has been conceived, orchestrated, and run exclusively by Flaktest Gaming and our volunteers.

Flaktest Gaming Youth Esports

Flaktest Gaming Youth Esports is administered and governed by an initial committee developed, in part, with the youth esports organisation, Flaktest Gaming.

Youth esports connects to local and state levels through its state member, the West Australian Youth esports League, and will extend to Victoria and New South Wales in the near future. Youth esports will be available in all remaining states by 2019.

Flaktest Gaming Youth Esports has a vision for esports to be a recognised Australian sport, and that youth esports be available for all Australians. Flaktest Gaming Youth esports aims to inspire young Australians towards becoming competitive on the global stage.

The initial strategic plan has five areas of activity. These are clubs, participants, officials, community and growth.

Youth esports Australia and Flaktest Gaming share the values of excellence, integrity, respect and teamwork.

Tailor made for players of all abilities and aspirations, Flaktest Gaming Youth Esports caters to young people aged from 13 to 24 years of age. The ideal progression from our youth esports program, Flaktest Gaming provides young people the opportunity to play in a graded competition within a club environment.

Fun, exciting and talented, Flaktest Gaming Youth Esports is a chance for young people to play esports with their friends while making new friends along the way. With a distinct focus on team building, leadership, discipline and excellence.