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Creating an account is fast, simple and free! You can start your youth esports journey by grabbing your Community Membership Form here. Make sure to have your Teacher Representative ready and your Club Registration form underway.

Teacher representatives must complete the Club Registration form found here and submit the form to A Flaktest Gaming representative will then contact the Teacher Representative to confirm the club registration and activate the club page.

Flaktest Gaming staff will then support teachers and provide training in managing their school team page. Additionally, Teacher Rep Handbooks will be provided to all teacher representatives with school clubs and teams participating in the Regional League and National Competitions. The handbook will be available mid – late March.

To join a club or team, your school must have a Flaktest Gaming High School Esports Clubs. Once your school club page is created by Flaktest Gaming and your teacher representative, joining your school team is simple. Complete the Community Membership form found here and submit the form to (You can complete and submit this form to your teacher rep and Flaktest Gaming asap). If you’re already registered as a club member and wish to sign up to a Regional League, get your form from here and submit to

Yes. Community Competitions are designed to offer opportunities to play and compete in competitions within the Flaktest Gaming community. Community Competitions offer an array of different styles of play that cater to all interests. To sign up to a community competition, complete your community club membership form here.

High School Esports Clubs that are registered and have a teacher representative are able allow its club members to sign up to a Regional League in Season 2018. To Sign Up to a league, students must first complete the Regional League registration form here.

Once the registration has been approved for the tournament, the school club and the team name will appear on the tournament page. Students and teachers of a team can see other school teams that have signed up to the tournament and can communicate and organise practice matches with teams at their own discretion. 

Community Club information

Yes. Community Competitions are designed to offer opportunities to play and compete in competitions within the Flaktest Gaming community. Community Competitions offer an array of different styles of play that cater to all interests. To sign up to a community competition, complete your community club membership form here.

You can find Prize information on the tournament page of each community competition. Prizes may vary. 

Due to the limited positions available per competition, players who fail to show for a community competition will be suspended from joining future community competitions during a season. Please respect the players and the competition by arriving to the tournament during the allocated time. 

Yes. Community Club events are free to enter and offer an opportunity for players to learn the ropes of esports and make new friends. Community Club events start in April 2018. 

Regional League information

Represent your school club and go for glory in the Flaktest Gaming Regional League. Climb the ranks and earn a place in the 2018 Invitational with your High School Esports Club.

Regional Leagues for Season 2018 will begin Term 2 2018 and are approximately 10 weeks long. 

Fixtures for Regional Leagues will be available Week 9/10 Term 1 2018 (WA School Term). Teacher Representatives will be provided with a printable fixture timetable to be shared with students, parents and staff. It is important that once your school team has received its fixtures to contact your opponents to discuss any issues regarding match times. We recommend doing this BEFORE the Regional League begins. 

Substitutes are extremely important. Each school team must have the necessary substitutes to manage any absences or player suspensions. We recommend a rotational roster to help mitigate any issues in this area. 

No. State Leagues require significant preparation, management, staffing and support. Fees paid go solely towards the costs of running Flaktest Gaming seasons, supporting volunteers and administrative costs. Flaktest Gaming has worked extremely hard to mitigate costs and provide an affordable service for schools. Information on fees and services are provided to Teacher Representatives through the teacher info pack here.

The Invitational information

The Flaktest Gaming Invitational is an invitational event to find the championship school team of Australia. The event celebrates the efforts and determination of young gamers and schools, and will involve a live grand final event at a location TBC. 

As an invitational, teams who finish in the top two positions of Regional Leagues are invited to compete in the competition. The remaining positions are available for school teams to compete for wild card entries. 

The Invitational runs for approximately 2 weeks and is held in Q4 2018. 

Given the nature of the national event, Flaktest Gaming has offered 2 extra places for school teams who have previously played in the Regional League to enter the Flaktest Gaming Invitational. This weekend event will have 4 teams fight for their place to compete in the championship event in a round robin format.

Substitutes are extremely important. Each school team must have the necessary substitutes to manage any absences or player suspensions. We recommend a rotational roster to help mitigate any issues in this area. 

Training and Scrims FAQ

Flaktest Gaming hosts a number of training sessions for school teams to attend. These training sessions often have special guests who have experience in the associated game. Training sessions are offered all High School Esports Clubs members. Training schedules will be available for teams Q2 2018, with limited spots for each training session. So be quick to register. 

Training and preparation is critical for success in any sport, and in esports its no different. Flaktest Gaming offers teachers the tools to kickstart their training sessions for their school team. Training tools can be found inside the Teacher Rep Handbook, which is given to each teacher representative in Season 2018. 

Yes. All teams should commit to a training schedule before and during Season 2018. It is critical that students and teacher representatives find a balance between work, rest and competition. An example of a training schedule is provided in each Teacher Rep Handbook and teachers can contact Flaktest Gaming with any questions on how to get started. 

A scrim is a practice match between two teams, with the purpose of putting training into practice before competition. Scrims are organised via the Flaktest Gaming Discord server in the #scrim channel. Flaktest Gaming Volunteers and staff are readily able to provide information in how to organise a scrim. 

Yellow and Red Card Suspensions

Similar to other sports, yellow cards symbolise an official warning to players, coaches and other members of a team. Yellow cards can only be presented by a Flaktest Gaming volunteer and/or staff, and commonly only presented during an incident during a match. 

In the unlikelihood that a yellow card is presented, details of the incident are recorded and presented to the appropriate parties. Using the dispute process, players and other team members can protest a yellow card after the game is complete. Opting to follow up during a match may bring about a red card and/or suspension. 

If a serious incident has occurred while in match or communicating within the community, a red card may be presented to a player or team member. A person who is presented with a Red Card can not participate in the upcoming match. A detailed report is created and distributed to appropriate parties. In the unlikelihood that multiple Red Cards are presented to an individual, he/she may be suspended from a tournament until further notice. 

In the unlikelihood of a suspension, an individual can no longer participate in any Flaktest Gaming activity, community chat server or tournament until further notice. All cases of suspensions are taken extremely seriously, and detailed reports are distributed immediately to appropriate parties. Resolution of a suspension is on a case-by-case basis, usually involving the person(s) writing a formal apology to the associated parties. 

Flaktest Gaming follows a strict Dispute Process. Each matter will be resolved on a case-by-case basis through the dispute process below:


Season 2018 Rulebook will be available Week 9 Term 1

Players Pledge

As a player and a student 

As a player and student, you play a special role in contributing in representing your school, your team and yourself to the public. Through your encouragement and good example, you can help assure that your team learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline during the match and when you’re offline. In Flaktest Gaming, you will learn to work together, to sacrifice for the good of the team, to enjoy winning and deal appropriately with defeat. Best of all, you’re going to have a great time! 

Supporting your team 

Supporting your team by giving encouragement and showing interest in them is very important. Help your team work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship in every game. Remember that hard work and an honest effort are often more important than victory – that way your team will always be a winner despite the outcome of the game! 

Always be positive 

Lead by example for your team, your school and yourself. Become aware of this and
work to be a positive role model. Applaud good plays by your team mates as well as good plays by the opposing team. Support all efforts to remove verbal abuse from youth esports activities. 

Positive reinforcement is the best way to help your team achieve their goals and their natural fear of failure. Nobody likes to make mistakes. If your team does make one, remember it’s all part of learning, so encourage your team mate’s efforts and point out the good things your team accomplished. 

Work, Rest and Play 

Joining an esports league does not mean to play more games, but instead find meaning behind the games you play. Gaming is much more enjoyable with friends, and representing your school gives purpose behind practice. Balance is very important when it comes to activities and your education. Make sure to remain focused in the classroom, and complete your work to the best of your ability. Be an example to others and manage your time effectively. Support your team mates when they become distracted at school, and help them understand the important behind effort in all aspects of life. 

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 

Health and well-being is very important for youth. Become a role model for a healthy lifestyle by choosing the right foods and exercise throughout the day. Appreciate that professional esport players are also athletes, and physically train as well as mentally train. Reflect the same principles as your heroes in esports by remaining active, and communicating face to face, rather than behind a screen. Hang out with your team outside of the game, and play some sport. Remember, the matches you play may be long, and preparing yourself physically is critical. 

Players Pledge 

I shall set an example for sportsmanship for my team to follow. I shall emphasise team play to my team, and represent my school to the best of my ability. I shall show by example respect for umpires, opposing teams and other fans. I shall remember that not everyone can play at one time. I shall not be critical unless I’m willing to work to correct the problem. I shall be supportive when my team is successful or when they’re struggling for success. I shall play and practice the skills of the game with my team often. I shall remain focused and disciplined in the classroom, and complete all class work to the best of my ability. I shall remain active both physically and mentally, helping others as I help myself to grow into the eSport heroes I aspire to be. I shall be positive and supportive whether the team wins or loses. I shall remember that all managers, teacher representatives and coaches are volunteers. I shall volunteer whenever possible. I shall remember that the game is about having fun. 

Remember: good behaviour doesn’t cost anything!!! However, it does allow the players and other teams to enjoy the game