Galactic Junk League Review

We fly through the desolate post-apocalyptic universe of Pixel Federation’s new spaceship building and combat game to see if this free to play strategy-sim is worth your time!

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It’s a little bit sandbox, little bit moba, scifi, spaceship building, multiplayer, free to play title. Released by Pixel Federation just last week in July it is hot off the press, but doesn’t really show it. Aside from one of our group having some crashing issues, though he is running an older rig, the rest of us were fine. It was certainly refreshing to see a game release on steam that isn’t an alpha or beta build – which seems to be the growing trend.

Galactic Junk League is set in the distant future. The Earth is destroyed, humanity lives among the stars, and for entertainment – they blow the crap out of each other in an arena. You’d think if we lost the Earth then maybe we’d all just try to get along. You play the role of a space captain/ship designer who clearly was never allowed to play with Lego as a child and is now making up for lost time. You build your ship from different blocks, there are rocket boosters, weapons, shields, and special abilities that might just give you the edge over your opponents. There aren’t many rules when it comes to building your ship and boy is it fun! We found that some of the best builds seemed to be missile salvo focused ships but that didn’t always guarantee a win. Plus laser gun ships sounded amazing and it is so satisfying melting parts off of your enemies.

The gameplay itself was very smooth, lag wasn’t noticeable, the controls are a little weird – but you are controlling a spaceship, in space, so you’d expect them to be a bit slow to react. You and your team start at one end of the map and your goal is to get to 1200 points. You do this by capturing and holding the three objective points on the map as well as taking out the other team. This is where the fun of Galactic Junk League starts to really show, and it what sets it apart. You never really know what you are going to come up against as your opponents imagination could very well dream up anything. Unlike other games in a similar style you build your own ship – for better or worse. We suffered through a few bad builds of our own before we learnt some of the finer points of Junkyard spaceship engineering. Protip – you need to have armor – and if you lose your gyroscope you can’t turn at all….

In the many rounds we played we never came up against an impossible ship so the game feels very well balanced. Even playing against other players who had purchased special block packs (how the game makes money) wasn’t the sometime typical ‘impossible task’ of a ‘Pay to win’ game.

We give Galactic Junk League 6 out of 10 potatos.The download size is 1.4Gb using just over 5Gb when installed. We recommend that you check it out – it’s worth a play.

6/10 potatoes!

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