Intel announce i9 CPU’s – What does it mean for gaming?

Intel has recently announced its brand new series of processors – the Core-X. Intel claims the new series will see an increase of 10 percent faster multi-threaded, and 15 percent faster single-threaded performance over the previous series. With the series capping out at an astounding 18 cores and 36 threads on a single CPU you can rest assured it will be able to easily handle the tasks of 4K gaming, VR, video editing, and effortless dank meme creation.

The price point, as with all new CPU’s, is pretty high clocking in at around $1,300 AUD for the i9-7900X 10 Core/20 thread 3.3Ghz (4.5Ghz Turbo) CPU. As you can see in the table below the price dramatically increases with the 18 core i9-7980XE coming in at $2,684 AUD.

Intel Core X Family lineup

But what does this mean for gaming? Do I need more cores?

Well it kind depends. The short answer is yes – the more cores you have the better – to a point. The issue is with how the game is developed and the engine used. Some engines are optimized for multi core while other aren’t.

In our experience and testing we saw that most games work best with 6 to 8 core CPU’s. So we would expect that as new games are released and existing engines are updated there should be an increase in performance gains when using a CPU with more and more cores. Of course there is a point of diminishing returns, when the cost of the multi core CPU far outweighs the benefits you’ll see in games.

We’ve found that at the moment a 4 core CPU is a great compromise between cost and performance. The Gaming PC rig that we recommend is the PLE Flaktest Rocket. Custom built by the eSports experts at PLE, this is a great rig that they can even customize for you.


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