The Flaktest Gaming Discord channel is booming thanks to the participation of our community, we’ve just ticked over 400 Discord members playing a range of eSports’ biggest titles like Overwatch, CS:GO, Rocket League and in particular our National Competition’s League of Legends.

With so much activity from championship participants we thought we’d throw it open to the Discord to tell some of our newer LoL summoners some simple tips to get your eSports career off to a winning start.

The question: 

From @IceFire:

“So I got a couple mates getting into LoL for the first time (or after only playing like a game or 2, sub-5 levels) and I’ve been playing custom games with them just as a play and learn sorta thing, but I wanted to ask you guys since I’ve not really played since around Aurelion Sol’s release, and like 1 game at ekko’s release. What tips or things in general would you tell a new player who wants to get into League of Legends? What good habits should they get into early or what things do they need to know to be capable of understanding whats going on on the screen?”


Some answers we received:


“Warding and using the map

You’ll be better than most players if you can do that”


@Zoraa – Carey Esports LoL + CSGO

“CSing (Creep Score)

getting every farm is so vital

everyone you miss stacks up”


@DreadNaught – St. Norbert FOB

“last hitting minions :))

the key is to have a rough idea of how much damage you do

at a certain point in the game

and time your auto’s correctly

then i’d say continue to learn what each different champion does, having a rough idea of what you’re up against and what you have on your team is pretty helpful when making in-game decisions”



“I think it is really important to understand your role on the team and practice that. Choose champs that have similar play styles and master that style before getting caught up in the bling of new champs.(edited)

As a new player don’t try and do everything at once pick one skill to improve at a time. eg start by practicing staying behind minions or placing one ward consistantly.”




Thank you so much Discord community for the great suggestions! If you haven’t joined, make sure you visit the home page at and hit the big green button that says “connect with us on discord now” – it’s your gateway to a massive community of people who love gaming and eSports as much as you do featuring channels for all the major eSports titles plus scrims information.


It’s also a great place to get in touch with the Flaktest Gaming team and keep up to date with what’s happening during our live shows and national eSports tournaments.


-team Flaktest


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