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Learning Pathway

Flaktest Gaming - Learning Pathway

Working in eSports

The first pathway for students opting into the program tackles the industry of eSports. From it’s history, to the opportunities offered for people around the world. This is a great place to start for students interested in getting involved with eSports, and getting the chance to understand what it truly takes to get into the industry.


Our second pathway offers students the foundation skills to becoming a leader. Students discover the world of media interviews and article writing, and learn how to speak publicly to a live audience. Students read into the relationships between players, and understand that conflict resolution is just as important as celebrating the success. This is the perfect place for students interested in getting leading a team in eSports, or taking the microphone, whether it be live on stage or as a commentator.


Analysis provides insight into the decisions that happen on and off the arena, and this pathway dives into the world of statistics and predictions. Developing the fundamental skills of analysing player personalities in-game, to breaking down the play-by-play action, the analysis pathway sets up the students for a future in coaching, commentary and eSport journalism.


The keys to an eSports team success does not entirely lie with the technical skills of the player, but instead lies with the decision of an overarching observer and decision maker. Coaching is the reason why we see the greatest moments in sporting history, and this also reflects well in the world of eSports. The last pathway we offer, provides students with an understanding of the processes of coaching, including set players, and documentation. Additionally, it sets the person up with the soft skills to approach conflicts, and resolve them effectively. This program is best suited for students looking to take their knowledge of gaming and extend it towards an eSports team (in-school or outside).


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