Celebrating community spirit

Flaktest Live Events are about bringing the community together to celebrate the spirit of esports, video games and technology. Each event caters to a variety of interests and offer opportunities for young people to become involved as volunteers, gaining invaluable work experience.

The Live Event Calendar is updated regularly, so be sure to keep ahead and sign up to our newsletter to find out when the next Flaktest event is coming to your local community.

Flaktest Events

The Invitational

Become Legend

The ultimate challenge for the regional league champions, the 2018 Invitational is the pinnacle of youth esports in Australia. Walk the hallowed grounds where past legends have forged their iron in the fires of the Invitational, attain immortality and be remembered for the ages as you lay your claim amongst legends in youth esports.

Youth Esports Open Day

Meet new friends and play esports

If you are a parent or teacher, Youth Esports Open Day’s are great opportunities to take part in your child or students’ interest in esports and gain some insight as to why it may have developed as a passion. Come down and have a chat so we can discuss how esports and structure help young people around the country (and beyond!) have the best opportunity to succeed while having fun, making friends and learning exciting new skills.

24 Hour Twitch for Telethon

Helping kids through the power of esports

Since 2017, Flaktest has been a part of the annual Telethon event that takes place in Perth, Western Australia. The weekend event is a celebration of video games, esports and technology with the goal of raising as much money for the kids at Telethon as possible. Since 2017 we have raised over $8,000 for Telethon and look forward to return this October for the next event!

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