Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard Head Cheese, addressed the Overwatch community regarding huge changes to season 6 competitive coming up soon!

Season 6 Competitive duration will be shorter:

Currently every season goes for a period of 3 months. The team at Overwatch have noticed a steep decline from about the 2 month period onwards in gameplay and interest in Competitive season which is affecting the game overall and have therefore decided that Season 6 will run for the shorter period of 2 months.

Competitive Point changes to compensate for shorter season:

The amount of Competitive SR picked up for every win will increase to compensate for a shorter season of play.

Changes to diamond + decay:

At the moment diamond players and above have to play 7 games per week to maintain their skill rating/not drop out of diamond ranking or above, this will be changed to just 5 games, and the decay rate for those players who miss the quota will also change from 50 SR points to 25.

Control Map changes:

The Overwatch team noticed that Control Map games are going for a very long period of time and players have been complaining that it doesn’t allow them to rack up enough SR points for the amount of time invested. Best of 5 will now be best of 3 – more matches sooner than later, shorter maps, taking the sting out of comp play when you lose a long match.

Placement changes:

Competitive players will know that changes to placements were made in Season 5 meaning people were actually ranked lower than what they should’ve been once their placement matches were done, the hope of which was to give more of a sense of achievement during the climb. This is being taken away again and replaced with  more accurate reflection of where you should be placed once your initial 10 matches are done.

Matchmaker changes:

High skilled players have more match making issues because there are far fewer players in the pool, wait times will be adjusted to be a bit longer but will be better rated towards a 50/50 chance at winning.

Tell us do you like these changes?

You can check out the address from Jeff Kaplan below:



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