High School Club Event: “May the 4th” A Star Wars building competition in Minecraft

Contest managed by Axebane and FG Admin

May the 4th is the first of many High School Club Events at Flaktest. Your clubs goal is simple: construct a Star Wars tribute worthy of the most hardcore fans. The tribute may be in any style, any shape, though it must represent something related to Star Wars. Show the community what your club is capable of!

Take screenshots of your build process and final product, and create a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation with your screenshots for submission. The Minecraft server will close at 8:30PM, and submissions close Tuesday at 4:30pm. If you have an issue with creating your presentation please ask one of our friendly Flaktest staff or raise it with your Teacher Representative.


These rules may change between contests, so please be sure to read them carefully in case they are different from the previous ones! Failure to comply with these rules will result in the immediate disqualification of your submission and/or being banned from the contest entirely.

General Rules

  • All creations must be made fresh on the day by only your build team. This means no video/text guides, blueprints, model importing, ghosted images, or anything that assists in construction. Give it your own construction flair!
  • High School Esports Clubs will build on a world designated by Flaktest Gaming admin.
  • Each club may begin immediately after entering their world zone in Minecraft.
  • High School Esports Clubs are welcome to enter, but a club must only build on one entry; you are not allowed to participate as a builder in more than one High School Esports Club.
  • 100% or more of the screenshots must be unedited in-game shots
  • This means NO mod aid. Including shaders and optifine.
  • This means NO image editing help such as photoshop.
  • A screenshot is only unedited if a moderator could download an official vanilla client and by using the same Minecraft settings can replicate the screenshot.
  • You must use the default texture pack. This is a build contest, not a texturing contest. Judges will also be reviewing your builds in the default texture pack.
  • Presentation is very important! Please be sure to add lots of screenshots (unedited shots are best), detail to your lore, give some description as to your building process and all in all just present your submission well.
  • No mods! Must be vanilla Minecraft, latest release or below. Judges will also be judging the submissions in vanilla Minecraft. Any foreign blocks will be discarded from the final judging.


Entries will be judged by a panel of Flaktest Community members and Teacher Representatives who have access to Minecraft.

During the first phase, judges will be scouring builds, disqualifying entries that break the rules and placing a sign at places they like. Remember that judge diamonds are worth a lot! Once the build period is up, the contest will enter phase two.

The second phase consists of 5 days of review; the judges will go over the entries and find any straggling rule breakers. Users will have time to diamond and view more of the entrants.

The final phase involves the judges judging all of the finalists, which are calculated based on an aggregate score of activity and votes.

You will be judged on the following aspects, on a 1-10 inclusive scale:

  • Concept & Originality: Fresh, new ideas and crazy concepts! Try to do something new, differentiate yourself from the status quo.
  • Technique & Execution: Color, shape, texture – be sure your build flows together and represents what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Presentation & Experience: Presentation of a build can really help to make an impression. Be sure you’ve got good screenshots, spend some time on the post!

How to enter

Make sure you are in a registered Flaktest High School Club! If not, contact Flaktest at or have your teacher representative go to www.flaktest.com/season2018

Step 1: Sign on to https://play.flaktest.com using your login details provided by Flaktest. You will then need to provide your Mojang username to your Teacher Representative before jumping onto the server to white-list your account.

Step 2: Logon to the Flaktest Minecraft Server using the IP Address sent to your Teacher Representative. We will have your username white-listed on the server. Head to your plot and begin building. You have until Sunday evening to build. You are in no rush to post your map, and may post it any time before the posting period.

Step 3: The server will lock at 9pm AWST on the 6th of May 2018. Any builds in progress will be considered finalised and complete. You will be ejected from the server at the close of the competition.

Step 4: Attach your screenshots and send them across to ! Be sure to take many screenshots to show off the interiors. Judges will enter the server to score your clubs creations.

Step 5: The judging results will be released by the 12th of May. Winners are notified via their Teacher Rep and on our Social Media Channels.


1st Place

  • Prizes : A Minecraft Server for your club for three months thanks to Streamline Servers. Setup your own world, add mods and have fun in club activities.
  • Featured on Flaktest Gaming website and social media – 1 Week.
  • “Flaktest High School Esports Club – Certificate of Participation”

2nd Place

  • Featured on Flaktest Gaming website and social media – 1 Week.
  • “Flaktest High School Esports Club – Certificate of Participation”

3rd Place

  • Featured on Flaktest Gaming website and social media – 1 Week.
  • “Flaktest High School Esports Club – Certificate of Participation”


  • Special mention on Flaktest Gaming website and social media – 1 Week.
  • “Flaktest High School Esports Club – Certificate of Participation”


  1. Axebane
  2. LordMantil
  3. PeteyPerth
  4. Icefire
  5. HighRisk
  6. TheCommonGamer

More to come…



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