The Eastern States Showdown is coming to Perth!

The last round of semi finals were held on Saturday and we would like to congratulate Fairvalians (Fairvale NSW) and Roxburgh (Roxburgh College VIC) for making it through to the inaugural Flaktest Gaming Australian National League of Legends Championship!

These two teams have had an incredible season, representing themselves with skill, class, and sportsmanship that has seen them both dominate their respective group stages, and now playoffs.

This Grand Final represents huge things for these two teams considering the last time they met was in the semi’s before Fairvalians came back from 1 game down to defeat Roxburgh 2 – 1, and send them to the lower bracket where they had to play for their lives to get back to a Grand Final. For Roxburgh, a chance at redemption, and for Fairvalians, a chance to assert their dominance as the best team in the competition!

This is what happened the last time these two teams met:

Game 1:

Roxburgh picked up first blood at 2:51 through team leader Gness, and then it was all him all game as he found himself a key player in every moment that Fairvalians could have tipped the scales back in their favour.

Fairvalians did not get their first kill until 16:30, finally managing to take down Gness, we thought we may see the tide turn a little at this point but it wasn’t to be as a huge team fight blew out at 20:00 which Roxburgh dominated and it was only 5 more minutes for the invade into Fairvalian’s nexus and game 1 done.

Game 2:

If we’re being honest, based on what we saw in game 1 we were expecting Roxburgh to take the match out in two straight games, but Fairvalians haven’t made it this far without some grit and determination and it showed up in spades in game 2.

Gness, who dominated for Roxburgh in game 1, was picked off first only 3 minutes into the second game, and from there Fairvalians went on a rampage with Roxburgh not managing a kill until 17:30.

In this match there was one particular moment that came at 19:14 where we could tell Fairvalians were playing for eachother and that’s why they were getting the upper hand. Zeldas found himself caught on the wrong end of a gank, but in incredible fashion managed to evade long enough for his team to join him, protect him, and get a few kills themselves along the way.

Communication was up, and so were Fairvalians!

This match took a bit longer than game 1, taking 30 minutes for Fairvalians to destroy Roxburgh’s nexus, and take this playoff series to a third game decider.

Game 3:

Safe to say playoff season brought everything we were hoping with match 3, the decider took 26 minutes for Fairvalians to win, but Roxburgh put a valiant effort before being overrun.

The action started early as both teams looked for an early invade hoping for a quick pick, Fairvalians got it in a double kill at 1:00!

Not to be outdone though Roxburgh regrouped to show their mettle and get the next two picks to tie the game at 4:30, 2 kills all.

For the next 7 minutes the lead changed 3 times but we always sensed the Fairvalians had a slightly upper hand, also confirmed by their 3k lead in gold.

It was at this point though, following a Fairvalians kill and dragon chase that Roxburgh blew us away – they managed to not only engage a big team fight around the dragon, they got a double kill and dragon steal!

It was game on….

Roxburgh put up a huge fight, full of confidence from that team play but again the arm swung the other way at the 16 minute mark and Fairvalians dug deep to go from 14 – 8 down, to 14 – 13 down through an ACE! This also blew their gold lead out to 7.5k with a further kill coming a minute later to tie the game 14 – 14.

From here there wasn’t much coming back from Roxburgh unfortunately, Fairvalians was just too far ahead in their gold score and items, and just too powerful.

Game 3 wrapped up at 26 minutes, Fairvalians leading 23 – 16, and finishing with another ACE! before taking Roxburgh’s nexus.

Congratulations Fairvalians from NSW, you progress to the semi-finals, and are one step closer to booking your flight to Perth for the Flaktest Gaming Australian League of Legends National Championship.

Roxburgh have a tough fight ahead moving into the lower brackets where they will verse the strong Carey College eSports team, on a high from their last victory against JTC: Unranked.

If you would like to relive all the action make sure you check out the latest posts at,, and!

Keep across Flaktest Gaming for details soon about where to watch the Grand Final live in Perth and online across Australia! Good luck to both of these teams!



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