Pete Curulli Reflects On The Flaktest National Grand Finals!

An opportunity to reflect on a bit of history being made yesterday, and a moment to thank the extraordinary people who have shown us their support over the past season.
tl:dr – we bloody did it! 😛
15 weeks
4 different tournament games
30 schools from across Australia + 1 from Indonesia
240 matches
600 players
and one hell of a dedicated team behind the scenes and on camera
This was season 2018 as we looked to build upon having achieved the first ever national high school esports tournament series in 2017.
It all came down to yesterday in a mammoth effort by some of the most incredibly dedicated, passionate, and talented people in the industry.
At RF Lan 61 we held the 2018 Flaktest Esports Australian National High School Grand Finals in front of a live crowd of over 600 people and thousands more online as we continue to put our stamp on being the #1 provider of safe, quality high school esports tournaments.
But there’s one moment that will stay in my mind forever, beyond the records broken, the laughs, the epic plays, and the incredible moments of surprise as it dawned on the faces of parents and teacher representatives that this is serious and worth their time and investment:
Connor Macbean is the captain of the Canning Vale College Overwatch team, front and centre of the first pic here. Yesterday he led his team to victory over the only team that beat them throughout the entire regional league series.
“Kaizor” as he is known to his team mates, joined me on the stream for a post-match interview, and fighting back tears he struggled to find the words to describe his feelings about the season and about the match they just won.
That in particular was such a powerful moment for me.
In that moment was everything we work so hard for – so kids like Connor can have a genuine future featuring opportunities that mean so much to them.
It’s a moment that will stay in his mind forever
Talking to Anita, their teacher representative, she spoke about the growth in leadership, confidence, and dedication that she has seen in Connor and his team over the course of the regional league season noting how much of a positive experience for the school it’s been, and for these students.
“We put the word out when we found out about the initiative way back in term one and had 100 students rock up to my classroom the next day” she said.
It’s a moment we are so incredibly proud to have been a catalyst for.
My deepest thanks to everyone who have been so forthcoming with their help and support when we needed casters or networks, or even just kind words during long weeks. We’ve unearthed some extraordinary talent thanks to your suggestions.
To the RFLan – Redflag Lanfest team who were so good to us and so welcoming, thank you – looking forward to going bigger at the next one!
Finally, to the team I work with – wow, we bloody did it. We pulled off the biggest high school esports tournament this country has seen yet, complete with an incredibly professional grand final series and cast.

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