There’s an argument for how hard gaming in the 90’s was back then, let along trying to have a crack after two decades of games that have left the typical run and gun ways of something like a Megaman game.

In PeteyPowerUp’s first Throwback Thursday episode, he learnt quickly that this may very well still be the case!

Throwback Thursdays are the retro night of the brand new Flaktest Gaming twitch holiday show line-up!

With news of Capcom announcing that a brand new Megaman (11) will be released in 2018, PeteyPowerUp thought it would be a great night to get game fit and dig out a Megaman classic, and 11’s predecessor – X!

It was a hell of a lot harder than he remembered, although it brought back some awesome rage quit memories…

Watch PeteyPowerUp’s Throwback Thursday! from Flaktest on¬†Following some retro rage, he went on to Donkey Kong Country, and a bit of SNES Mario Kart just to relax everything a bit.

Make sure you join him every Thursday as he digs into his collection at at 7pm AWST!

Let us know what you’d like to see him play next week!




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