Increase student engagement through active citizenship

Connecting youth with their local community and making school culturally relevant is an adventure in itself.

Purpose and motivation are key drivers to engagement, which is critical to student success. As an Engagment Management System (EMS) Flaktest leverages the passion of young gamers towards their academic outcomes and shapes personalized positive learning experiences. With tools and guidelines, Flaktest creates accountability in students, and empowers teachers and parents through collaboration and classroom management.

As active members of their Youth Esports Club, students have opportunities to connect with their local community, motivating them to become active citizens with the school and broader circles.



Providing the freedom to motivate positive behaviours while appreciating a balanced lifestyle and becoming responsible young learners.


Flaktest programs connect the General Capabilities, including Numeracy and literacy, to the core learning experiences of students.


See students find purpose and motivation as they engage, collaborate and learn with each other.

Flaktest fosters more engaged students

Students become active members of the school community when they enjoy their time and the challenges they face. Flaktest enables students to become more engaged by creating a stimulating and familiar environment and fostering postivie behaviours that teach young learners to be better people, both online and in the real world (IRL)


Flaktest provides the platform to easily implement a Positive Behavioural Intervention and Support system (PBIS). Customise your school and classroom rules and procedures to set clear and realistic expectations, then reward club members through participation and leadership opportunities to foster positive behaviours.

Being accountable

Teammates depend on each other for success in esports, because of this, students become accountable for their behaviour. Knowing their actions have a clear impact on their team and friends encourages students to support one another and look after themselves.

Positive practice

Tailored to schools and family homes, Flaktest helps you encourage positive behaviours in students as they happen. Provide an environment that connects video games and technology with a regimented plan to reinforce the actions you want to see, leading to fewer interventions in the future

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Drive Academic Performance

Flaktest connects culturally relevant activities with students’ academic process with an ecosystem of programs and activities that drive engagement. Discover how students become invested in their own success through the collaborative power of video games, esports and technology!

Education programs synchronise your classroom objectives with students interests. Provide alternative assessments that can apply to an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Enrich your General classes with culturally relevant projects that engage young learners.

Club meetings offer a platform for students to develop critical communication skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Youth Esports lessons create unique opportunities to learn soft skills, tools and techniques that are applicable to the classroom, tests and exams.

Create a positive and engaged Classroom Culture

Flaktest helps you transform the classroom into a welcoming place that relates to the interests of today’s youth. This creates unique opportunities for young learners to connect positively and engage deeply with lessons, one another, and you


The impact of behaviour affects the entire team in a Youth Esport Club, and as a result, students start to look out for one another. As they develop their sense of belonging, the classroom grows into a positive environment that is ideal for learning.

Personal Growth

By working as a team, students discover the value of collaboration, team work and leadership, and establish positive behaviour habits. A culture is created that reflects an atmosphere of mutual respect, compassion and empathy


Bringing the Youth Esports Club together with the fun, challenging community club events or the intense action of Term Based tournaments. Build purpose and meaning for students and create amazing classrooms that incorporate students gifts and talents.

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