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Supporting schools. Empowering students.

And having a lot of fun along the way.

Welcome from the director

Flaktest Gaming - Brett SullivanAt Flaktest Gaming, we strongly believe that it is the quality of the human relationships that exist within a community that defines its character. 

Communities are often defined by the quality of relationships that exist between it’s members. At Flaktest Gaming, we value these essential partnerships in the experience of each and every student, family, school and community. We believe in establishing sound foundations while igniting the fires for future growth, and for every member of our community to develop the confidence needed to succeed in our fast changing world.

As a teacher, I’m passionate about education, and preparing the next generation for the jobs of the future. Teaching young people is awesome, and to be given the opportunity to see a child’s understanding of the world grow, and mature, is what I believe every teacher aims for. In Flaktest Gaming, we hold that solemn responsibility to inspire young learners to reach new heights in their passions. In particular, in the world of digital learning and competitive online gaming.

Our community builds positive relationships with students, teachers and learning staff, families and communities to ensure a secure and enriching experience that is based on support, openness and trust. Our system of pastoral care underpins everything we do at Flaktest Gaming.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend our Flaktest Gaming Community to you as a thriving and dynamic environment, and a place of outstanding opportunities. While websites are useful for the dissemination of information, they do not fully enable the unique essence of our community and systems to be understood and appreciated and so, while I encourage you to peruse our site, I invite you to contact us at Flaktest Gaming, and we will be happy to show how our community can help in the personal growth of young people.

Brett Sullivan BMM, DipEd, Gamer


Give all Australian students an opportunity to compete in Interschool eSports tournaments.

Inclusivity, Accessibility, Diversity

Support participating students, families and communities through local events and school programs.

Act, Belong, Commit, Community

Leverage the students passion’s towards eSports to drive their academic and personal goals.

Attendance, Engagement, Outcomes

Our Values


Our community strive for excellence in all we do.


Our community encourages active support and advocacy for all people.


Our community promotes creativity in thought and innovation.


Our community takes responsibility for our own actions and has the courage and conviction to guide others.


Our community acts with courage, conviction, and with the highest moral standards.


Our members contribute enthusiastically, responsibly, and with pastoral concern to all in our community; engendering respect and trust within all people.


Our community appreciates and values the cultural and individual differences in the people of the World, and treat all with dignity.

The origins of Flaktest Gaming

Flaktest Gaming is the brainchild of Brett Sullivan, a passionate educator who has been working with adolescents for many years. An avid gamer himself, Brett was inspired by the possibilities offered by competitive eSports to give student gamers access to something beyond simple entertainment

Collaboration, teamwork and resilience are all crucial skills in our increasingly interconnected, but often socially isolating world. Brett and the Flaktest Gaming team got together to figure out a way to take a popular past-time that was traditionally seen as isolating, and turn it into something fun that promotes a sense of community, achievement, leadership and good spirited competition. He established Flaktest Gaming as a means by which to take gaming as an existing area of interest for youth and leverage it towards personal achievement, academic outcomes, responsible online gaming and active citizenship.

Flaktest Gaming is a 100% owned and operated organisation. This means every Flaktest Gaming event has been conceived, orchestrated, and run exclusively by Flaktest Gaming and our volunteers.

Teacher Information

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Flaktest Gaming, and thank you for being a part of our community.

At Flaktest Gaming, we localise the global eSports and video game phenomenon to leverage personal and academic outcomes for young learners. This is done through Interschool eSports Tournaments and Community Events. Since 2015, Flaktest Gaming has helped hundreds of young people around Australia find purpose and meaning in their lives. This year, we are excited to announce the first national interschool eSports tournament in Australia, and we invite your school to be a part of history.

Season One will have a number of tournaments on offer for each school. You can find out more about the games here. The tournaments we are hosting include (dates subject to change with notice):

  • Rocket League – February 25th to March 31st
  • League of Legends – April 29th to September 24th
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – May 6th to June 11th
  • Overwatch: 23rd of July – September 10th

Each tournament will follow a Round-Robin Format in Group stages where each team will play each other team in the group at least twice. The winner of that group will then move forward to state knockout rounds, where from there the winners of each state will play to find the final two teams who will play in a grand final.

Each tournament will be held on “Match days” which occur during the weekend. From Saturday 12pm EST to ~4pm EST, teams will be scheduled to play against other teams on a weekly basis. We understand the importance of school time and therefore have moved all matches to the weekend to alleviate any interruptions.

All matches scheduled during “Match days” will occur online, giving the students the opportunity to play on their own machines. Although it is very common to play online with team mates in Flaktest Gaming competitions, we encourage students to meet together to play as a team. We are currently forming relationships with LAN cafes around Australia, and look to provide safe and secure locations for students across Australia to play together.

Flaktest Gaming Season One has opened registrations for students, teachers/schools, parents and community members. Students would love for you, as their teacher, to be interested in representing your students as a “Teacher Representative”. The role is more a mentor then a manager, and Flaktest Gaming will be with you as a supporter throughout your journey. This season, we are aiming to encourage students to create team roles that assist in scheduling and other matters, and learn to build self-management and decision making skills. As a “teacher representative” you would simply overseer the operations, and give some assistance where required.

To get started as a Teacher Representative for your school, we have put together a step-by-step process of what to do next following this welcome email. After reading these steps, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us at admin@flaktest.com.

Steps to signing up a team for your school:

  1. Make sure students interested in being part of a school team have registered as students on www.flaktest.com
  2. Inform us at Flaktest Gaming the tournaments the students/teams would like to sign up in.
  3. Flaktest Gaming will create School Teams on www.flaktest.com and assign you as the teacher representative as “Team Admin”
  4. Students are invited to teams according to the tournaments they have signed up to in Step 2.
  5. Complete the necessary permission slips (if required) for your school for the students involved.
  6. Students complete and hand in to you the Flaktest Gaming Permission Slip found here
  7. Scan and submit the Flaktest Gaming Permission Slip to admin@flaktest.com
  8. Organise a weekly meeting time for your new and awesome Interschool eSports team!

Thank you again for making the dreams of so many young people come true, and for believing in their passions. Flaktest Gaming cannot wait to see you and your school team in Season One. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

We host professional development sessions that help introduce eSports into your schools, and teach young learners about the importance of responsible online gaming.

Flaktest Gaming - Professional DevelopmentOctober 2016 Sundowner Sessions with Flaktest Gaming & Riot Games

In October 2016, Flaktest Gaming and Nostalgia Box in Perth hosted the first Interschool eSports Professional Development Session. The objective of the session was to inform teachers on the concept of competitive eSports and how it fits within their school system.

Brett Sullivan, founder of Flaktest Gaming, had the pleasure to present information about the journey of Interschool eSports in Australia, and how games have great potential for academic and personal success for young people. Ivan Davies from Riot Games followed on with a fantastic presentation on the impact of sportsmanship through the power of video games.

Overall, the evening was a huge success, with over 20 schools in the Perth metropolitan area coming down and hearing the story of Interschool eSports and discovering how passionate young people are about competitive video games.

The next Sundowner session will be taking place at the end of Term 1, and will be streamed live on the Flaktest.com for teachers/learning staff who have signed up their school for the National Interschool eSports Tournament. The session will be focused on introducing eSports to educators and learning staff in Australia.

Three more Professional Development sessions will take place throughout Season One. Sessions will be held in Perth, and accessible online for teachers across Australia.  Teachers/learning staff participating in the Season One National Interschool eSports Tournament will receive a Digital Certificate of completion at the conclusion of each Professional Development session.

The Professional Development Sessions for Season One 2017:

  • Introducing Interschool eSports in your school: A teacher’s guide by teachers.
  • Responsible Online Gaming and Cyber Safety.
  • The industry of eSports and workplace learning.

Pamphlets will be emailed to relevant learning staff prior to event with further information and registration details


  1. Know students and how they learn – 1.1 to 1.6
  2. Know the content and how to teach it – 2.5, 2.6
  3. Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning – 3.3, 3.4
  4. Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments – 4.1, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5
  5. Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning – 5.5
  6. Engage in professional learning – 6.1 to 6.4
  7. Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community – 7.1 to 7.4