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Helena 1 – CAG


From now on, we will be completely ignoring any match change requests made after the deadline of Thursday 6PM each week. With exams, schooling and general stress going on in all of our busy lives, it makes it so, so much harder to stay on top of things when sudden, unexpected changes occur a day before the match begins. So, be punctual or be ignored.


About Helena College & CAG

Helena College is a private high school located in the Perth Hills. CAG is one of their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams.

Team Roster


Captain Gamer

“What? No! ROFLcopter is epic!”


Community Gamer

“Thanks for baiting me, C”


Fake Gamer

“yooo I don’t remember this competition is on I’m a bit too comfy with my soup thanks”


Epic Gamer

“No, I can buy my own AWP”


Organiser Gamer

“It’s SATURDAY and NOW they want to change the game time?”


Top Gamer

“No, I don’t play basketball.”

Other Helena College Teams

Helena 2


Helena 3 – Vanilla

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Helena 4

Rocket League
6 Members
  • FoundedOctober 2016
  • LanguageEnglish
  • LocationAustralia

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Apart of a CS:GO team named CAG

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Yes, I did just plug a bunch of things, and no, I'm not going to change it

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