The Flaktest Weekly Patch Round 5!


They let us take over one of their stores this week to bring you the #1 high school esports TV show in the country!

We’ll take you through their store with our techspert Anthony!


Top 3 News:

  • Fallout 76
  • PUBG are suing Fortnite
  • Gfinity Elite Series kicks off

Feature Match of the Week:

Our first international match of the week features SMA 1 PSKD (Indonesia) taking on St Peter Claver (QLD)! This is a must see match as these two teams produced some of the most EPIC arm wrestling attack and defense we’ve seen in season 2018!

Want to join the fun?

Register your high school esports club now at flaktest.com/season 2018 and get ready because our second high school esports free to play community event is taking registrations now also – Hearthstone 1v1 is waiting for you…


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