The Team

 Flaktest news
  • Season One 2017 Playoffs brings a whole new look to Flaktest Gaming
  • CSGO Playoffs kick off Sunday 30/7
  • New Term 4 tournaments are up and ready for sign ups
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There is no limit to what you can achieve when you surround yourself with good people. The secret to the success of Flaktest Gaming lies with the team, who each share the mission to walk with, support and enrich the lives of young people, families, schools and local communities.

As the life-blood of Flaktest Gaming, our interns are tireless in their efforts to enhance the quality of our service, and support for the youth and the eSports community. Their passion is supported by our dedicated and energetic administration and management team in Australia.

Our leadership draws on a wealth of experience and expertise to steer Flaktest Gaming in the right direction.

Flaktest Gaming - Brett Sullivan

Brett Sullivan (CEO)

Founder, Bachelor of Multimedia, Grad Dip of Education (Secondary), Web Dev & Designer.

Jacob Curulli (CTO)

Co-Founder, Master Information Systems (Business Technology), Self Determination Theory and Education Implementation, IT Specialist

Alexandra Lambert (COO)

Co-Founder. BComms (Media & Politics), currently studying LLB, policy research, industrial relations.


Pete Curulli (CCO)

Pete Curulli (CCO). Ba. Commerce (Marketing & Advertising)

Our awesome volunteers

  • Adrian Watkins – Admin / Community Manager
  • Michael Richards – Admin / Community Manager
  • Michael Kirou – Audio / IT
  • Rhiannon Merrifield – Admin / Editor / Graphics
  • Jesse Rodgers – Commentator (LoL, Overwatch) / Admin
  • Nathan Jackson – Commentator (LoL) / Admin
  • Alex Rowbotham – Commentator (LoL) / Admin
  • Michael Walsh – Commentator (LoL) / WoW Fiend
  • Thomas Keane – Official
  • Phillip Hammond – Official
  • Jordan Wilson – Official
  • Jimmy – The Cat