That’s great and all… but what is it?

We love doing tournaments for you, and even more so love watching you compete, and we’re trying hard to create the closest experience we can to professional competitive play!

With that in mind we’re so excited to introduce you to…


The Flaktest Weekly Patch!

Media in esports is a huge part of the landscape, and as we’re sure you know, if you are part of a big team one day, whether it be competing or any number of ways you’ll be involved, it will at some point be happening in front of a live audience on a TV show or at a live event.

Like last year – we’re bringing back our weekly TV show, although it’s going to look a little different to this:

The Flaktest Weekly Patch is designed to bring you the feeling of the professional live events each week, and if your match for that weekend if picked as the feature match of the week then you get the added excitement of our TV show being built around your match, complete with pre-game analysis, match commentary, and post-match analysis..


If you’re not a competitor, there’s something in it for you too as we will feature a whole heap of stuff we think the community needs to be across in esports and gaming:

  • Top news of the week
  • Each week a creative piece that could be an interview with a pro player, a game review, or getting out and about to awesome events
  • and the most exciting part.. the FEATURE MATCH OF THE WEEK!

Don’t forget to find and follow us on twitch and find us on facebook for the live broadcasts and if you miss it, not a problem, you’ll always be able to catch up at our YouTube channel!



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