396 million people and growing… and that’s just one game

eSports are a form of competition that is facilitated by electronic systems, particularly video games. Today, eSports takes the form of organised, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players. Though Flaktest Gaming has introduced Interschool eSports as a means to organise competitions for young people passionate about competitive video games.

Currently, tournaments are held across the world, such as The International for DOTA 2, the League of Legends World Championship, where they provide live broadcasts of the competition, and prize money and salaries to competitors. One of the differences between a pro sports league like the NBA and a pro eSport gaming league like Major League Gaming (MLG) is, of course, that MLG covers a number of video games.

It’s difficult to describe the attraction of watching professional players without understanding the intricacies of the games they have mastered. The basic goals are accessible enough – usually coming down to “destroy the other base” – but like the significance of one particular opening move or another in chess, the means to accomplishing that goal are deceptively simple.

“I think one of the issues is, eSports is just insanely fast compared to other sports, so keeping up with what’s going on is difficult,” MLG co-founder Mike Sepso said. “That challenge of, how do you get more people interested in understanding what’s going on on the screen, it’s not something unique to eSports. All sports have the same challenge.” Something we hope at Flaktest Gaming we can help in delivering to a wider audience across Australia. Although organized online and offline competitions have long been a part of video game culture, participation and spectatorship of such events have seen a large surge in popularity. The recent League of Legends World Championship’s was seen by over 395,000,000 people! In the words of Vizzini from the Princess Bride INCONCEIVABLE.

The video games associated with Flaktest Gaming for Season One are League of Legends , Overwatch, CS:GO and Rocket League.

Thanks to League of Legends for the epic Dragon image!


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