We’re glad you asked…

We’re almost all the way through our first full week of our brand new Twitch Holiday line-up!

Friday night is party night with TGIFF – Thank God It’s Flaktest Friday!

This is the night where it’s time for the whole Flaktest crew to jump online together and play some party games as we wind down into the weekend! The best part is that you get to see long time friendship slowly dissolve into screaming matches as the salty saltiness takes it’s hold.. all in good fun of course!

We’ve spent the week trawling steam for the best party games for you and your mates to play, and this is where we get to try them out on each other.

This week it was Human Fall Flat followed by Ultimate Chicken Horse!

If you’ve played these games before then you’ll know to expect pretty much what happened between Icefire and Lord Mantil below:

Watch Trolling at it’s finest… Icefire burns Mantil by driving truck off the edgy from Flaktest on www.twitch.tv They are so much fun and we can’t wait until next week, but there’s plenty of twitch.tv/flaktest shows to get through between now and then, including Sully’s Sunday Session – so make sure you’re following our Twitch channel and get ready for the best in Indie games Sunday arvo!

By the way, if you have a spare hour or so, you can check out the full TGIFF show below:

Watch Thank God It’s Flaktest Fridays! with LordMantil from Flaktest on www.twitch.tvGot a suggestion for a great party game for TGIFF? Let us know in the comments!



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