Event Date & Time

19th of January 2018

@ 10:00AM AWST

Event Location

Curtin Stadium, Bentley WA

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Kick off the year with Flaktest at RFLAN on Saturday 19 January 2019

Be the first ‘in the know’ as we announce our upcoming youth esports competitions,
community club events and educational programs at our inaugural Youth Esports Open Day event!

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Event Schedule

9AM    Registrations open

10AM Fortnite Duos Tournament

12PM   Rocket League 3v3 Tournament

2PM    Meet & Greet/Close

With special guests


Perth Ground Zero Gaming




Fortnite Pro Gamers

More coming soon!

Learn what is in store for 2019

If you are a parent or teacher, this is a great opportunity to take part in your child or students’ interest in esports and gain some insight as to why it may have developed as a passion. Come over for a chat so we can discuss how Flaktest is helping children around the country (and beyond!) have the best opportunity to succeed in esports while having fun, making friends and learning exciting new skills.

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Play Youth Esports

Make new friends

Together with our mates at PLE, we want you to kick off the year with new and old friends! We are setting up a Flaktest VIP area with especially designed computers and space to hang out!

This is a great opportunity for WA High school students to see what RFLAN is all about, meet new gamers around Perth and even introduce your parents to this awesome event! And it’s FREE!

Meet the pros

Perth Ground Zero Gaming

We are excited to announce that Perth Ground Zero is joining us to kick off the year! Ground Zero is an esports club competing in the Gfinity Elite Series in Australia. Their esports includes CS:GO, Rocket League, Street Fighter & Fortnite. Come meet the players and get the opportunity to hear the available pathways to becoming a pro-player!

More details to come soon, stay tuned!

Grab a teacher pack

Start teaching esports in your classroom

As teachers, this is a great opportunity to gain some further insight as to why your students’ interest in esports may have developed as a passion.

Come over for a chat so we can discuss how Flaktest is helping children around the country (and beyond!) have the best opportunity to succeed in esports while having fun, making friends and learning exciting new skills.


for Flaktest participants (RFLAN spectators)

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Create your account or login and click on the button below to register for the event as a young gamer. After registration, you may attend RFLAN as a spectator.

To attend RFLAN and bring your own computer you will need to purchase a ticket via the website link here. ($50 per person)

About Us

Flaktest localises the global esports phenomenon, breaking the cycles of gaming related issues through sustainable, personal and academic outcomes.

Educators and families face the challenges of 21st century technology.  From screen time, to online supervision and explicit content, these issues are just some of many that are experienced daily in the classroom and at home.

Now, children and young gamers are empowered to represent their club through purposeful play, healthy habits and the structure and support that Flaktest Youth Esports Clubs provide.

This is the bases for a brighter future for the next generation, built with a helping hand from all involved.

Why people love Flaktest

After I joined Flaktest, I was noticing that my marks were going up, because I was realising that due to their setup, that I needed to be devoting more time to school. This had a two-folded educational and social effect. I was being more productive and efficient at school, but also enjoying the gaming a lot more, and my reactions to negative things occurring in game or in the real world had reduced.

Year 12 student

Flaktest Gaming is a fantastic organisation that offers the opportunity for the youth to compete other schools in esports, from CSGO to DotA2, Overwatch to Rocket League. Ultimately, when it comes to an organisation that holds the needs of both teachers and students with utmost importance, Flaktest achieves this task with flying colours, as they promote a safe space for competition between schools in an activity that otherwise wouldn’t be competitive at such an age.

Flaktest volunteer

Flaktest CSGO Admin
The chance to be good in an extra- curricular area that is usually otherwise dominated by sport, service and nothing really technological. To me gaming is skill, because otherwise everyone would play it.

Year 9 Player

The passion behind the people who enjoy the game, watch the game and play it. It leads to there being a great atmosphere to whatever is happening. The competition of the games and how its different to traditional sports.

Year 11 Player

Flaktest was a very enjoyable experience, it made me feel more connected to the year groups below us which was really cool and allowed me to make some good connections with them that I hope to keep moving into the future. Also, the teachers who choose to take this up really embraced it, which I found really amazing and hope to help out with these events in the future because of what they did for us!

Year 10 Player

“Great fun, good people and some of the best memories of my last year at school!”

Year 12 Player

2017 Champion

“Keep eSports going! The excitement from the boys in our household when eSports night comes around is fantastic! It really keeps them motivated throughout the week to know that they have that reward coming”


"At Streamline Servers, admittedly most of us were into esports at a young age. During those days, there was little structure around the concept, and out of frustration and necessity we decided to host out own servers and tournaments. Although this took time away from practice and playing competitively, it gave us the opportunity to enable gamers to pursue esports without pesky worries such as back-end runnings. When we saw what Flaktest was doing, we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the esports movement and assist them in any way we could. Being the leader in organised club esports and esports related education, we believe that with the work Flaktest continues to do, they are carving the future of esports, and giving it the potential to grow and expand beyond what we thought was possible. They are working hard to give young gamers what we wished we had when we were their age, and at Streamline we are excited to continue to support them through their journey."

Daniel Brotherson

Streamline Servers

Tournament information

  • All participants must be under 18 years of age or currently enrolled in a primary / secondary school.
  • All participants must be present at the event during the competition. This is not an online event.
  • All participants must be a registered user at Flaktest.com.
  • This event is free to enter for spectators. To attend the RFLAN event you must purchase tickets at www.rflan.org

Fortnite Duos Tournament

Bring a friend or buddy up with a young gamer in the Youth Esports Open day Fortnite Duos tournament. Registrations open at 9AM.

Fortnite Duos Tournament Rules

  1. Finding a Match: For this Duos tournament, four (4) players (2 per team) will invite each other to a party and search for a squad game.
  2. Win Condition: The winning team will be determined by the team with the largest number of total kills. If their is a tie, the tiebreaker will be determined by the team that had a player survive the longest. If that is still a tie then the winner will be decided by the team that got the final kill.
  3. Griefing: Teams are permitted to work together, however, you may not intentionally cause the death of your opponent. This includes sabotaging structures, causing fall damage, or any other negative interference in your opponents gameplay. Doing so will result in a forfeit of the map.
  4. Rules: The rules may be updated and modified at any time, for any reason. Rulings may be made outside the scope of these Rules in order to preserve fair play and tournament integrity. Participation in this Tournament constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Rules and Tournament Official decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to this tournament.

Rocket League 3v3 Comp

Bring your friends or buddy up with other young gamers in the Youth Esports Open day Rocket League 3v3 Comp. Registrations open at 9AM.

Rocket League 3v3 Comp Rules

  • Players: 3v3
  • Bot Difficulty – No Bots
  • Region: Australia
  • Map: DFH Stadium
  1. Single Elimination: After losing a Match, Teams will be eliminated from the Bracket.
  2. Match Length: Rounds up to finals will be Best of 3 Games. Finals will be Best of 5 Games.

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