ySafe – The certified provider of cyber safety education.

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ySafe is one of Australia’s leading cyber safety organisations, and are certified online safety training providers under the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. ySafe primary service is delivering cyber safety education to Australian parents, teachers, and students aged 4 to 18. The ySafe team has provided cyber safety education to tens of thousands of students, parents and teachers across metropolitan and rural schools.

ySafe is made up of an expert team of social media and cyber safety specialists, and is led by one of Australia’s foremost adolescent psychologists specialising in the impact of technology on the social and emotional development of young Australians. The founder, Jordan Foster, is sort out in the Perth community as a specialist in the clinical treatment of Internet Gaming Addiction, and contributes her unique insights to the Australian community into prevention and education around excessive gaming. Based upon psychological research and evidence-based interventions, Jordan promotes the positive balance of gaming and technology use, and encourages parents and school communities to engage in ongoing education around cyber safety and technology use.

ySafe also aims to assist parents in managing their child’s internet and gaming use by encouraging families to implement parental controls. Parental controls allow parents to set time limits on games and the internet, therefore giving parents ultimate control over balancing the time their kids spend online. ySafe has partnered with Family Zone as Australia’s leading cyber safety solution. For more information on how ySafe and Family Zone can help families take back control of their children’s technology use and give parents power to set time limits on children’s gaming devices, visit https://www.familyzone.com/ysafe

For more information about ySafe, please visit the website (ysafe.com.au) or contact them at information@ysafe.com.au


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